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Web Photography

Photographing your products, people or buildings for your website or printed media is not a task to undertake lightly. It’s easy to think that digital photography is simple, but unless you’re a professional it can be hard to get those flawless, beautiful images that will really sell your brand. Taking great digital photographs is about more than just pointing and shooting.

Lighting is a major consideration for your photography set up. Natural light works best for most images, and should be used where possible. But it’s not only the amount and quality of light that affects your final photos, but also the way it is distributed across the product too. When the light source is small, you will create ‘hard shadows’, which is not a good look for most product images. For the best results, you need a light source that is significantly larger than the product, creating ‘sot shadows’ which give the object depth without distracting from the beauty of your product.

Background is another issue you’ll need to think about. A clean, white background is often the best way to display your items, and to get that professional finish, you’ll need to create what is known as an ‘infinity curve’. This is done by using a large piece of white paper or fabric and bending it around the angle of the wall, chair or table. This creates a horizon-less background and a clean, fuss free environment with all focus on your product.

Equipment can be expensive, and if you are not in the photography business yourself, will be money wasted on a one off need. As well as a competent digital camera, you’ll also need a timer and a tripod to ensure you get blur-free images every time. If you are taking very close up (macro) shots of your products, this will become even more important. Other tools such as light meters, lighting equipment, filters and extension tubes are also necessary to get you the professional finish you are looking for.

Editing the final photos takes patience and an eye for detail. For this you’ll need some competent photo editing software and a decent sized monitor to enable you to view the images close up. You’ll need to consider how to crop your image for the best overall impression, as well as undertaking any colour correction, reflection removal and other fiddly details in order to end up with a perfect, flawless image.

Sounds like a lot of work and expense, right? It is. That’s why the majority of business owners choose to work with companies like Metalfrog for their digital imaging needs, as we can often achieve in just a couple of days what it would take them several weeks to get right.

Why work with us?

We can help with photography of just about anything. Our professional digital photographers are able to catalogue your products, take portraits of your staff or get some stunning shots of your offices and buildings for you to use for any purpose. We can also attend conferences and events to document these important moments, and to give you stunning images for use on your blog or website.

We know that by working with us, you’ll be able to realise a few key benefits:

  • Faster delivery: Because business owners time is often pulled in several directions, the time they have available to undertake digital imaging is limited. This means they could spend an hour or two a day for several weeks on the project, making it longer before your company can start enjoying the benefits of beautiful photographs. Because we are able to set aside large blocks of time, and because our photographers know how to work efficiently, we will be able to dive right in and come up with the results much faster, leaving you to get on with what you do best – running your business.
  • Better results: Even if you spend thousands on top quality photography equipment, and days on intricate editing and shooting, nothing is quite as powerful as many years of experience. Our photographers have been creating professional photographs for many years, and can tell at a glance how best to set up and shoot your photographs for that flawless, magazine finish you want.
  • More consistency: When you are presenting lots of images all together, for example on your ecommerce website, getting consistency of style and finish is key to creating a professional overall look and feel. Our photographers will ensure every image is set up and styled identically, making your website the best it can possibly be.

We will undertake the setting up, shooting and editing of your images, and can return them to you in a variety of sizes and formats for use in different environments. Need a big product photo for a banner or poster? Not a problem. Want some high quality but small file sizes to speed up the loading time on your website? We can do that. Talk to us today about your photography needs, and see what a difference the professional touch can make.

How can photographs sell your products?

Selling online is a tough environment. Consumers are increasingly savvy, with many seeking out discount codes and offers as well as reviews from other consumers before making a purchase decision. With the UK ecommerce market estimated to be worth £45 billion by the end of 2014, harnessing the power of this selling environment is increasingly important to any modern business.

Putting together a catalogue off photos that really sell your products is not easy. When we undertake a digital photography project for a client, we aim to demonstrate a number of key areas to help their products appeal to the consumer.

The product benefits

It’s crucial to let the product sell itself. If you’re selling a necklace, put it on a person rather than showing it in its box. If you are selling something to make a certain job or task easier, show it in action. Showing products doing the thing you are claiming it can do will appeal to your buyers far more than just an image of a static product doing nothing.

The key information

Learning is tricky, and around 65 per cent off consumers are likely to be visual learners. Their learning pattern is “tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember.” This is why it is crucial when photographing products that you demonstrate the key pieces of information clearly. Simple products may be able to achieve this with just one image of the item, but more complex products such as digital cameras or bicycles may need several macro (close up) images of buttons and features to get the message right.

The innovation

The thing that will set your product apart from your competitor’s offerings is the innovation. Every product will have its own unique selling point (USP), and as your photography experts it is our job to highlight this to the consumer. We’ll make sure we clearly highlight the benefits of your product over others in your industry, to make it clear why people should be buying from you.

Cross promotion

If you are selling accessories that would fit well with certain products, we can help you harness the power of cross promotion as part of the project. Offering things like protective bags, travel adaptors and memory cards with tablets, for instance, encourages the user to upgrade their purchase from you rather than going anywhere else.

The brand

When we undertake photography for your business, we always have your brand values in mind. The culture and ethics of your brand will often have an impact on the way your images are presented, and whether the final digital images are playful or serious, formal or relaxed and so on.

As well as all this, we will ensure you end up with professional images that are suitable for use in a range of environments. When you work with us to produce your digital photographs, you can achieve that flawless, professional finish first time, something that would take an amateur many attempts to get right.

Colours that sell

KISS Metrics compiled some interesting data that demonstrates how consumers arrive at a purchase decision. In terms of products, it showed that consumers place colour and visual appearance above anything else, with 85 per cent stating that this was the most important factor in their decision making process. They also found that different colour schemes for digital photographs and web pages appealed to different types of consumer:

  • Red, orange, black and royal blue: Attracts impulse buyers, and is most successful in converting sales for fast food, discount shops and for sales.
  • Navy blue, green and teal: Appeals most to shoppers on a budget, and is most appropriate for department stores and banks.
  • Pink, sky blue and pastel yellow: Attracts traditional shoppers to venues such as clothing stores, craft shops and shoe retailers.

We can learn a lot from this data, in terms both of what colours work for your brand and how we set up your digital imaging. Backgrounds, product choices and lighting effects can all be tailored to create the appropriate response for your target consumer group. Using colours to sell to the right people can significantly improve the number of conversions your eCommerce website or high street store receives.

As a full service digital marketing agency, Metalfrog can help you gather a catalogue of images designed to work well on any media. Our images will be delivered in formats that you can use successfully on social media sites, and we can help you build in social sharing buttons to your main product catalogue in order to encourage organic sharing by your customers. Ask us for advice on making the most of social media for your business and about how you can share your product images to drive more sales.

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