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Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is a service that allows you to make your web site accessible via the World Wide Web. There are many web hosting companies in the UK, but not all of them offer professionally managed business web hosting, with a personal approach to customer service, using multiple dedicated servers.

The amount of space you need on the servers is determined by the size of your web site and what you need it to do. There are not many sites on the web that are just static pages of content, most sites have some sort of interaction.

Considerations when choosing professional hosting

There are some things you should be making sure that your hosting company provides, so that you can be certain your web presence is continuous, fast, and easily sustainable. Below we have suggested some of the things you should be considering when deciding who to use for your web hosting:

  • Consider what you actually need from your hosting provider, and ensure that they can guarantee your web presence.
  • Good web up-time is vital. Below 99% is unacceptable, and really you should be looking for over 99.5%.
  • Upgrade facilities for your hosting may be needed if your presence on the web is very successful. Shared servers are very powerful, but there could be a time when you need a dedicated server hosting package.
  • You need to know if there is anything that will cause the hosting provider to suspend your account, as a sudden loss of your web site could have disastrous effects on your business.
  • Most hosting includes email accounts and domains, find out if there are any limitations on these, as some hosting providers limit them according to the size of your hosting package.
  • Support needs to be readily available. Remember that you are good at your business and would be able to answer any questions customers may have. Whoever is hosting your web site should be good at theirs, and be able to help you with any hosting related problems.
  • If you need e-commerce features, you will need sufficient e-commerce support, SSL certification, a dedicated IP, and a very user-friendly shopping cart. Anything that makes using your web site difficult will lose viewers, and ultimately customers.
  • Viewers to your web site do not want to wait ages for images or pages to load, they will soon lose interest and move elsewhere. Excellent loading times are an important part of good quality web hosting.
  • Be careful how long you are committing yourself to the hosting provider, and read the hosting contract carefully.
  • Site backups are a must. If the whole system crashes, or is hacked, regular site backups by the hosting provider will mean that your presence on the web can be restored quickly. You should always backup your files yourself as an extra precaution.
  • An easy to use hosting control panel is very important. Some hosting providers use standard ones such as cPanel or Plesk, and some have bespoke ones of their own. It does not really matter which it is, as long as it allows you to make necessary changes, without having to rely on hosting staff.
  • Remember that website load speed is a contributing factor in Google’s algorithm for search engine ranking. Cheap hosting normally means reduced load times, and ultimately poor user experience as well.

Different Hosting Packages

At Metalfrog Studios we offer a range of different hosting packages, all with unlimited email accounts, databases, and domains as part of the agreement. We are open and honest with our clients, all work is carried out in house by our own trained and trusted staff. They will discuss your needs with you to ensure that you have the right hosting package to suit your business needs.

Web Hosting with full management and professional support

Our web hosting packages differ mainly in disk space and bandwidth, unless we have developed your site, then you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and the first years web hosting free of charge.

To ensure that your use of the web gives your business a reliable online presence, that runs as smoothly as possible, we guarantee 99.9% uptime.

You can also be certain that you will have all the support you need, something that is a must if this is the first time you have used the web to help you business.

The importance of a quality web presence

Whether you are a retailer or service provider, a web presence is a must for all businesses if they want to succeed in today’s markets. The web is the first place people turn to when they want to buy something or are looking for a particular service. Gone are the days of trudging around half a dozen different shops comparing prices, now customers can do this in a fraction of the time by looking at the web, and hosting is an integral part of ensuring they find what they want on your web site.

Your web site needs to be interesting, and informative, and sell the products or services that your customers want. It needs to be a user friendly and attractive web site, a complicated or boring web presence will lose viewers very quickly.

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