High Quality Web Design Norwich: E-Commerce Web Sites and More

  • You may decide to have a small e-commerce web cart created, with a number of products, and a small web editable section in order get your business off the ground. Alternatively, you may want to have a web site with thousands of products, from multiple manufacturers, and link this with your accounts or buying systems - or have the ability to use it for web based stock control.
  • Whatever your e-commerce web site requirements are, our team has years of experience; ensuring delivery of the perfect web site. We normally advise to keep the costs of the site to a minimum and spend a lot on getting the web site to page 1 on Google. After all, what is the point of a perfect web site if nobody can find it in the first place?
  • The web aspects which you should look into are: 1. Does the web site offer competitive pricing? 2. Is the web site easy to navigate? 3. Is it easy to checkout? 3. Are there web only offers or promotions? 4. If I am loyal to the web site am I rewarded?
  • If you can pinpoint accurately, and normally based upon experience, what works online and what does not, you have half a chance of building a decent web shopping platform. Ask yourself how you navigate a web site. If the web experience is a bad one do you really go back to try again? This is why it is critical to get it right first time. Second chances are not often given to web based retailers.
  • Our Norfolk-based web e-commerce marketing team will work with you to advise on how best to plan out your web site to ensure the aforementioned web elements are considered. We will conduct competitive web site analysis and look at who is in your web space. We will actively work to ensure that the web site we build is SEO friendly and meets the latest W3C standards, as well as ensuring page 1 positions and conversion through search engines. Why not call us or contact us at our Norwich, Norfolk office to see how we can partner you in your online strategy?
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    I'm delighted with the work that Metalfrog has undertaken in both a professional and friendly way. They have gone out of their way to ensure that the project has the right feel and character. They have created a set of stunning logo’s and a fantastic website which perfect.
    Carol Ford – Growing Direct Ltd close quote
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    I can recommend web design norwich from Metalfrog Studios who bought us new business
    Tammy Parnell, Partner at Clapham & Collinge close quote
E-Commerce Tips
  • Use a Reputable Payment System
  • Ensure Your Site is Encrypted & Secure
  • Work Out Deliveries and Returns Policies
  • Look at Past Results
  • Ensure an Element of SEO Friendliness
  • Make Certain of Compliance Cross Browser
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