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Websites: Purpose, Audience, Competition and SEO

Having a professional, functional and usable web presence is crucially important to any modern business. Over the past decade, a website has gone from being something that is ‘nice to have’ to being an essential marketing tool, and something every customer expects your business to have.

But it’s not good enough just to be on the web. Today’s customers expect you to be on the web in an easy-to-find, simple-to-use and highly informative manner. If your website hasn’t had a revamp for a few years, chances are you are missing out on some of the latest web design tools and developments that can really boost the professionalism of your web presence.

Creating your perfect site

Web design is not just about picking pretty colours and building flashy animations. When you are trying to design a web site for your business that will really hit the spot, you’ll need to consider many other aspects and issues before you get started.

  • Purpose: Why are you building this site? Are you creating a web based shop, where people can buy your products, or simply making an online brochure for your company? Think about what you want your site to achieve, as this will lead the design process.
  • Audience: Think about who your customers are and who you want to reach with this design. Your audience will not only influence the language and tone of the site, but can also make a difference to the choice of colours, layout and graphics too. More than half of web traffic is now from mobile devices, so a responsive design that works on all screen sizes is something you need to consider too.
  • Competition: Check out what the competition are doing. You can learn a lot from seeing what your competitors are doing well and what they are not doing so good, and this information can help you to create a design that is a cut above what they already have.
  • SEO: You are probably aware that SEO will be an important consideration when you are putting together your content for your site, but did you know it’s important in web design too? The architecture of your site, including the page titles, meta tags and HTML script, all needs to be optimise for search engines too.
  • Analytics: Your website design should make it easy for you to track and analyse important information about your visitors and pages. Designing in tools for analytics at the start is far easier than attempting to bolt it on later.
  • Social: Social media is a crucial element of any digital marketing strategy, so when you are looking to redesign your web presence, thought should be given to designing in tools and apps that make it easy for your audience to socially share content from your site, and encourages social engagement with your brand.

Why choose Metalfrog?

Our web design services are second to none. Whether you are looking for a few simple pages, a small ecommerce site to get your business off the ground or a major site with thousands of pages and products, we’re your perfect partner to get your design and development just right.

In the past we have worked with many household names, and notably with professional ‘dragon’ and Ryman boss, Theo Paphitis, helping him to create the perfect site for his Twitter boosting Small Business Sunday (#SBS) service. We enjoy working with small and medium businesses, as we know the great power that a well-designed website can have for these clients, but we have the professionalism and ability to work with multinational and Blue Chip companies as well.

When you instruct Metalfrog as your web design company, we will start by taking a good look at your business, your brand and your strategy. We want to build you a website that not only works for you now, but which will also be future proof if your business diverges, expands or otherwise changes. Our ideas will embrace your brand identity and will give you a functional, beautiful solution to professional web presence for your business.

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