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The Delay of Google’s Latest Penguin Update

It is looking highly likely that Google will hold back on the release of its next Penguin algorithm update.
This was (allegedly) supposed to come into Google’s search engine calculations in late 2015 – around now. However, this is now
looking like it will arrive during the 1st quarter of 2016.
In a statement, Google stated: ‘With the holidays upon us, it looks like the penguins won’t march until next year.’
Is this a play on words meaning that the update will arrive in March? Who knows!

Why have they postponed this update? Some people in our profession (including me) believe that if Google were to roll out, what appears to be, a significant update
in its maths at a hugely busy and commercially sensitive time of the year, this could destroy businesses; and even economies!
If an upgrade means a loss of profits or customers the Google backlash could (potentially) be huge. Especially, as most will have no control over this update.

Normally, we Google announces such an update there is firstly a general panic over the effect it could have, and equally, we believe that in some cases these updates are designed with a view to
pushing website owners to Google Adwords – the main source of Google’s income around the World. Some updates we don’t even follow immediately, as there are normally issues surrounding bugs and flaws contained within them.

We expect that the latest update – whenever it arrives – will see more analysis of real time data. It may possibly look at links as they happen, which would ensure instant ranking changes take place.
Penguin will therefore be updating all the time, something very new, and more challenging for on-page and off-page SEO factors covering digital marketing.
Positive outcomes of this may mean website owners, agencies, and webmasters may see instant wins in their rankings. This may be a negative outcome for those who are not on top of their optimisation and digital marketing strategy 24/7.

Penguin 3.0 has been rolled out since October 2014. This was aimed at removing or demoting sites with poor link quality scores, and paid link advertisers. This was also intended to assist in promoting sites which followed all the rules, and did not try to outwit or outfox the engine.
Previous versions also targeted ‘black hat’ and ‘spammy’ websites and web content. Those filling blogs with trivial content were penalised. Those creating valuable content-rich information were rewarded. Obviously, those hit by 3.0 are now desperate for updates to try to get them back on an even keel with Google. The delay in this process is frustrating no doubt.

Fortunately, our clients’ do not have to worry about penalty. All digital marketing work we have ever carried out has been ethical and non-paid work. We pride ourselves that, in over 16 years on old school ‘SEO’ we have never done anything to cause negative signals for us or our clients’ , which is why we all continue to rank!

The only way you can ensure that Google looks at your site in a favourable way is to play by its rules. Conduct link audits, be methodical, and be ‘clean’. Your website is a valuable commodity. If you do not have a recognised ‘brand’ you are not necessarily worse off than those who have. It will simply be the case that the element of trust they exude immediately (through brand recognition or customer multi-channel advertising) will need to be overcome. This will be by perfect website development, perfect customer journey monitoring and understanding, and delivery of quality around the website not just on it. The final part of the jigsaw is to remain commercially viable and aware at all times. Get this right and no Google update will be able to stop you succeeding online!

More from Google in 2016 then!

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