Digital Marketing 2014 Style

    • Search Engine Submission
    • Link Building
    • Article/Blog Writing
    • Social Media
    • SEO Reports & Analytics
    • Copywriting
  • From time to time Google implements algorithms (ranking mathematics) and these are designed to either improve search, weed out spam,remove link farms, and pointless paid links, or anything else deemed necessary to improve quality. For any digital marketing company, the best strategy is a complete analysis of all activity designed to bring traffic to you.
  • This can include writing articles and other web content. Not only does our link building service ensure that all incoming links to your site are 'relevant', but that your precious time and resources are not wasted on pointless link building; to poor directories/blogs/article sites etc.
  • Our digital marketing services ensure that each aspect of our activity has been completely researched and not blacklisted by Google or any other major search engine.Gone are the days of quick fire link building!
  • What do we do? What makes our service different? We create a 360 degree digital marketing strategy. Our staff members are well trained and they are continually monitoring competitor activity. SEO, as you may know it,is pretty much dead on its own. You cannot deliver without understand all aspects of the online process. We don't chase numbers, we chase quality against your competitors' website.
  • We now have a live reporting system to help you see what is happening, and not rely on pointless reports with no explanation
  • And, of course, if you are in any doubt about who you are dealing with then why not Google "SEO Company", "SEO Agency", "SEO Services", or for local searches: "SEO Norwich"?
  • open quote
    In 2010 we decided to change our website design and approached Metalfrog. Metalfrog weren't the cheapest, but then I believe that you get what you pay for. We are delighted with the end result which has exceeded our expectations.

    Phil Shaul - Top City Lettings close quote
Metalfrog logoFROG TIPS – Digital Marketing
  • Ask for proven results.
  • Make your keywords part of your content.
  • Don't ignore Yahoo and Bing over Google.
  • 60% of people recently surveyed did not click on sponsored links. It is a false measure
  • Geographic search key phrases such as SEO Norfolk or SEO Norwich can be useful but are not likely to be hugely popular
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