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  • To ensure that your experience is a happy and productive one, read the following and apply these guidelines to your selected SEO partner:
    • Do they rank on page 1 for valuable key phrases?
    • Do they offer legal contracts?
    • Do they have legitimate results for valuable key phrases?
    • Do they offer free advice?
    • Do they understand website coding?
    • Do they offer fixed term projects for success?
  • If your chosen provider is any good none of the previous recommendations should present a problem to them. However, you may find that they are backward in coming forward with the information you need in order that you can make a decision about whom to partner.
  • Keep your objectives clear. Look for return on investment. Do not expect quick fixes if your site has no presence on the engines. Remember that domain name age is a factor in SEO ranking. Ensure that your site validates to a worldwide standard using the World Wide Web Consortium Validator
  • Request regular reports and analysis alongside your SEO project. Google Analytics is a commonly used tool for this. However, having done many parallel tests on this, we have found that the script is flawed, and use GA only when there is no alternative open to you.
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    In 2010 we decided to change our website design and approached Metalfrog. Metalfrog weren't the cheapest, but then I believe that you get what you pay for. We are delighted with the end result which has exceeded our expectations.

    Phil Shaul - Top City Lettings close quote
Metalfrog logoFROG TIPS – Digital Marketing
  • Ask for proven results.
  • Make your keywords part of your content.
  • Don't ignore Yahoo and Bing over Google.
  • 60% of people recently surveyed did not click on sponsored links. It is a false measure
  • Geographic search key phrases such as SEO Norfolk or SEO Norwich can be useful but are not likely to be hugely popular
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