SEO Norwich? Don't Make Us Laugh. Pointless Rankings for Pointless SEO Results

  • We've stopped chasing pointless rankings, instead we focus on what delivers.We know that 60% of all searches are bots (or you looking for your SEO key phrase). What's the point? We want to drive traffic,not numbers for the sake of it - something we've written about for years.
  • Locally, in Norwich and Norfolk, there are many who claim to be experts in SEO, but scratch the surface of things and see where they sit on Google for valuable search terms not related to their geographical location - You won't find much! Checkout precisely what kind of return their clients are really getting.
  • Page 1 is easily achievable. Page 1 for returnable search terms is less simple.
  • SEO as we have known it is dead as an individual process - Google has made sure of that!
Metalfrog logoFROG TIPS – Digital Marketing
  • Ask for proven results.
  • Make your keywords part of your content.
  • Don't ignore Yahoo and Bing over Google.
  • 60% of people recently surveyed did not click on sponsored links. It is a false measure
  • Geographic search key phrases such as SEO Norfolk or SEO Norwich can be useful but are not likely to be hugely popular
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