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Logo Design by Professional Commercial Graphic Print Specialists at Metalfrog

Graphic and Logo Brand Creation with Commercial Experience

Thoughtful branding of your business is crucial in this digital age, and your logo is the most important design of your brand. When you are looking at logo design, you need to think carefully to come up with something that will adequately reflect your brand values and ethics, as well as a design that your customers will instantly recognise.

Working with our talented graphic designers, we can help you develop a logo that ticks all the boxes. We want to get right under the skin of your business, and to create a design that you’ll be proud to see every day. Our logo designers have years of experience in working with businesses just like yours, creating logos that elevate the brand to new levels of customer engagement.

Design a logo for life

There is so much to think about when embarking on logo design. When we start a new design project with a client, we follow these key strategies to come up with a logo we know you’ll love.

Be unique. Be different.

Your logo is what is going to set your brand apart from your competitors. This means it is important that you have something different from everyone else.

Embrace the brand

Your logo is going to be your customer’s first introduction to your brand. They say a picture paints a thousand words, and in the case of logo design, it speaks volumes about what your brand and company stand for.

Understand colour

Every colour has an emotion, and a psychological response. Bright colours might be attention grabbing, but could seem overly brash in the wrong situation. Black is all about credibility and power, whereas yellow represents optimism and creativity. We’ll take what we know about colours and translate this into something that reflects the psychology of your brand.

Work with the name

Logo design can be thought of as two separate elements: A word, and a symbol. Some companies choose to represent themselves solely with a symbol (think Twitter, Volkswagen or Armani) but there is a lot of awareness raising to be done before you can get to this stage. What will work for you depends on the type of business you are and what we know about the brand, but designing with either of these options is a possibility.

Make it accessible

Your logo design will be used everywhere. You’ll need to have a logo that works just as well on your email signature as it does on a ten metre banner. It will need to render well and be recognisable on social networks, PowerPoint presentations and in apps.


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