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Our business is founded on a solid base of good ethical and business principles. We believe in treating every customer equally, whether we’re dealing with a one man band or a multinational corporation. We respect and uphold equality in every sense of the word, and in the office we welcome input from everyone from junior level up to directors.

We care about the environment in which we live and work, and take all appropriate measures to advance the sustainability of our business practices. As a digital marketing company, we are working towards becoming a truly paperless office, and practice excellent energy conservation and recycling wherever possible.

Our key principles

Our business is successful because we always adhere to a few key principles in whatever we do.

  1. Our job is to make your business more successful

    Our focus is on our clients. We don’t make decisions based on what will be easier, cheaper or quicker for us. We often take the hardest path available, if we believe it’s the one that will result in your greatest success. It’s a great thing that when we achieve this objective, it also helps our business to be more successful too, but the bottom line of our business plan is that we are here to improve your bottom line.

  2. We are an extension of your team

    We don’t want to simply be a service provider who does a job for you and then leaves. We want to build a solid business relationship with our clients, and to absorb ourselves into your brand, culture and vision for the future. We want to become an extension of your in-house team, and to be the specialists you can call on for all your digital marketing needs.

  3. We embrace creativity and ‘outside the box’ thinking

    Our office culture is designed to breed and nurture creativity from every single member of our team. We bounce ideas off each other, question every decision and work as a single brain to develop new concepts and new pathways to digital marketing success. Our creativity is harnessed and focussed by a backbone of solid business sense, delivering world class projects in a professional and efficient manner.

  4. We will reduce costs and increase efficiencies as a one stop digital marketing shop

    Metalfrog are a complete digital marketing service provider. We know that by offering a full service marketing portfolio all under one roof, we can reduce wasted time, misunderstandings and can offer our services at a more competitive price. We want to get under the skin of your brand, so you only have to explain your ethos once, and so we can produce the best results from the deepest insight possible.

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