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App Development

The explosion of smart mobile devices into the market place has meant that many people no longer browse the web on a desktop computer. The emerging market for app development was inevitable, with technology becoming such an important part of everyday life. Businesses looking to reach the widest audience possible can no longer rely on everyone having a computer, as tablets and smart phones mean that many viewers no longer use them. It is therefore more crucial than ever to ensure you have a way to communicate with your customers within this marketplace.

Getting started with app development

Having a clear picture of what you want your app to do is the first important step in any app development. Then you need to research and see if there is already another app doing exactly the same thing. Do not despair if you find something similar, as although you may think your idea is a new one, with over a million apps for android and iPhone, creating something totally new is very hard.

You need to focus on what will make your app different from others competing against it. Finding a unique quality for your app that will make it stand head and shoulders above the rest is the key to a successful app.

Then you need to decide how you are going to reach your target market, how you are going to let people know about your app, and why they should use yours rather than another one. They need to know what your app will do for them that others will not; otherwise they have no need to change to yours.

For some businesses the next consideration is how to monetise the app. Will you charge for downloading it, or run adverts to generate the income? This is something that needs to be thought about very carefully, as some users get very annoyed when adverts constantly appear, while others are very happy for this to happen if it means they get the app for free.

The decision regarding this depends on the type of app you are developing. Adverts are more upsetting if you are playing a game, than if you are reading an information app, and generally users are less likely to object to paying for a good game app. Maybe you’re happy to provide your app purely as a service, and do not need to monetise it, as a popular app will pay for itself with the increased business it can bring.

These are all points that need careful consideration, and dealing with at an early stage of the app development. Professional advice from the very start can only be an advantage, and will help give you a clearer definition of your app.

The app developers will work through several different stages when designing your app, from sketches, to wireframes and mock-ups, until they have a prototype that has been created by designers and programmers with the experience required for good app development.

How we can help

At Metalfrog Studios we provide high quality custom app development for portable devices. Whether you want a game app or an information app, no matter what type of mobile device you want it for; we have the knowledge and expertise to carry out your development, and will be able to set up the servers, databases, APIs, and storage solutions needed.

Once your app has been developed and is on the marketplace, you will get new ideas and feedback from users that will mean development and updating can be further used to refine the app even more.

Changing layouts, or adding more levels to games, could easily be the next stage in developing your app, to ensure that it does not become stale and out of date. If you allow your app to become outdated, the revenue from it will drop, as no one will buy it, or advertise on it any longer.

Successful apps, just like successful websites, are an evolving project that needs to be conducive to current market forces in whichever field you have chosen, otherwise someone else will do exactly what you have done and develop an app that stands out above the rest, yours included.

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